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Welcome traveler to where adventurer's are born and Legends live.

are made up of heroes, adventurers and loreseekers just like you. Meet your foe with confidence, a mighty sword, a well prepared spell and your legacy too will be passed down through a bard's song and listed with other Legends

Our goal is to have fun and enjoy Dungeon & Dragons Online. We respect each other and the other players in the game, yes we treat other players like we wish to be treated.

Do you have the stuff Legends are made of?

For those players seeking to be future Legends players all you need to do is apply here at our website. Once your application is reviewed look for some of us in game and we will also look for you. We do like to run with a potential Legends recruit a few times prior to a guild invite just to make sure it is a fit on both sides. Regardless of the outcome we certainly appreciate your interest in Legends. Be sure to check out our visitor's information on all the things we offer. Also see the Legends bio on
Legends was founded May 04, 2010
Guild News

New DDO Trailer

Fizcare, Mar 26, 13 3:27 PM.
Check out this new DDO Trailer on uTube. It incorporates content up to the latest additions with The Forgotten Realms.


Update 17 Sneak Peak

Fizcare, Feb 19, 13 3:02 PM.
Here is a sneak peak at Update 17, Return to Gianthold.

Changes to Guild Renown Decay

Fizcare, Oct 25, 12 7:38 PM.
Tolero from the team has posted the new guild renown decay information on the forums. Click on the link to read more.
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Hey hopefully ill be back in the game by next week, cant wait
wow work /new born baby has taken over life not playing much at all sorry guys hope to be back in game soon
Hey Amybear is back and would like to bring all my toons back to legends just need a officer to let me know when they have time also we still using VENT?
DDO 2014 plans -
Jasonius Goodheart
December 12th was my birthday Yay!
Game & website was down for about 5 hours due to a power failure. All is good now...
11/17/13 at around 1900 DDO and the DDO website went down. Will monitor...
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